bengal Kittens bred in Ottawa, Ontario

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Love cats but have allergies?

Our cats are probably for you.

Bengals are single coat cats who seldom shed and have to groom less making them more hypoallergenic than most.

Young Children



Bengals are a very smart, vocal, playful, and active breed. They can be super affectionate and loyal with the right upbringing. They make the best companions for those who are willing to spend the time with them.

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MEET Nicole

Wife, mama, daughter cat lover, tech geek, over-scheduler, passionately loyal Aspie

We are a family home-based cattery raising kittens in an open-home environment. No cages or restricted rooms for us. All cats are exposed to young children and the occasional dog.

let's create the MOST                         
friendship bond

let's create the MOST

friendship bond


Fiercely loyal. They need you to be to. Only if we feel your home is the very best fit for our precious kittens will we move forward with the adoption process.